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Employers Get Personal–What Should You Do?

By Peter Weddle – Personal used to mean private, but not any more, especially in a job search. Employers are increasingly factoring individual background information into their assessment of job candidates. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, half of all employers were doing so less than a decade ago. Today an astonishing 96% […]

The Right Stuff for Resumes

By Peter Weddle — Most of us view writing a resume as just slightly more pleasurable than doing our taxes. And, nothing could be further from the truth. While your tax filing indicates what the Government is going to take from you, your resume describes what you have brought to your career. It details the […]

The Application Two-Step

By Peter Weddle — Consider this scenario; its a common one on the Internet today: You spend several hours visiting a number of employment Web-sites; at each site, you search through hundreds of job postings in its job database; and finally, after all that effort, you find exactly what you been looking for. There, right […]

Be One of the “Best Recruiters”

By Peter Weddle — Perhaps youve heard of them. Theyre called retronyms. They are words that have been redefined by the advent of new technology. Youve seen them in the transformation of mail into the pejorative snail mail and the revision of television into the quaint black and white television. Once familiar and adequate, the […]

How to Get Yourself “Chera-Picked” By Recruiters

By Peter Weddle — Perhaps youve heard of him? His name is Jean Carlos Chera. Hes a soccer phenom whos just 9 years old. Despite his age and the fact that he lives in a small town in Brazil, hes been offered a contract by Manchester United, one of the elite teams of world soccer, […]

The Importance of Voice

By Peter Weddle — Recently, The New York Post made a startling announcement. In an era of steadily declining circulation among newspapers, it racked up an impressive gain in its audience. Despite the Internet and all of the other media competing for peoples attention and time, it managed to add new readers. How did the […]

The Re-Beginners

By Peter Weddle — Every person in transition has their own unique set of attributes and circumstances that define the nature of the challenge they face in finding a new or better job. Some job seekers have hard-to-find skills and move quickly from one employment situation to another. Others experience a far more difficult journey, […]

To “B” or Not to “B”

By Peter Weddle — The War for Talent, a report produced by McKinsey & Company in 1997, was a seminal document in the recruiting profession. Not only did it underscore the importance of the work that recruiters do in the modern enterprise, but for the first time, it calculated the monetary impact of that work. […]

How Workaholism Can Hurt Your Career

By Peter Weddle — More and more Americans are working more and more hours. Some believe they must put in the extra time in order to hang onto their jobs, while others think that spending lots of time in the office or on the road is the key to career success. Sadly, the former are […]

The Proof of Human Bonds

By Peter Weddle — I think we in recruiting should adopt a suggestion made by the columnist David Brooks. Earlier this year, he opined, with tongue firmly in cheek, that organizations would be more productive and individuals more effective if someone would invent an Oxytocin Meter. In a profession that espouses the importance of relationships, […]