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To “B” or Not to “B”

By Peter Weddle — The War for Talent, a report produced by McKinsey & Company in 1997, was a seminal document in the recruiting profession. Not only did it underscore the importance of the work that recruiters do in the modern enterprise, but for the first time, it calculated the monetary impact of that work. […]

How Workaholism Can Hurt Your Career

By Peter Weddle — More and more Americans are working more and more hours. Some believe they must put in the extra time in order to hang onto their jobs, while others think that spending lots of time in the office or on the road is the key to career success. Sadly, the former are […]

The Proof of Human Bonds

By Peter Weddle — I think we in recruiting should adopt a suggestion made by the columnist David Brooks. Earlier this year, he opined, with tongue firmly in cheek, that organizations would be more productive and individuals more effective if someone would invent an Oxytocin Meter. In a profession that espouses the importance of relationships, […]

Blogging Bliss & Bloopers

By Peter Weddle — Ever since the presidential election of 2004, blogging has been the darling of both politicians and the media. Today, its also an important tool for job seekers. A growing number of recruiters are searching the blogosphere to find candidates for their openings, making it an effective platform for catching their attention. […]

Pay Attention to “Career Advancement Moms”

By Peter Weddle — Its the political season in America, and the pundits are busy coining terms for population groups that will have an impact on the vote. The best known example of these designations, of course, is the soccer mom, a genus whose power at the polls is legend. And more recently, weve heard […]

The New Way to Network

By Peter Weddle — The job market is a mess. There are opportunities available, but they come and go at warp speed. On top of that, employers are drowning in resumes, the sheer volume of which makes it very hard for anyone to stand out. Nevertheless, many of us are apparently in or about to […]

The Home of Applicant Dead Letters

By Peter Weddle — As does almost every profession, recruiting has its own special set of rules for success. Its axioms have consistently proven their validity regardless of labor market conditions and the specific requirements of individual employers. While all of these guidelines are undoubtedly important, I think two deserve special attention, at least if […]

Networking Online As Your Mother Taught You

By Peter Weddle — There are jobs, and there are dream jobs. Jobs will come to you. Dream jobs have to be uncovered. How do you do that? Most experts agree that the best way to find the best employment opportunities is by networking. And while traditional networking is a widely understood (if sporadically practiced) […]

What???s in a Title?

By Peter Weddle — A couple of years ago, I put on my job seeker hat and visited one of the more popular recruitment sites on the Web. As any good employment candidate will do, I searched the sites job database to see what kind of opportunities it had available. The database search engine was […]

The Darwinian World of Job Volatility

By Peter Weddle — A year or two ago, my son was laid off. As a father, I ached for him when it happened and desperately wanted to help in any way that I could. It was a visceral reaction, I admit, an emotional counterpoint to the logic with which I do my job as […]