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CAPTIS is committed to delivering the results of the most comprehensive search operation at a given point of place and time – and providing the most appropriate and long-term quality solutions. 

“Captare. Aestimare. Eligere. Succedere

Our services include support in establishing your company’s recruitment strategy, fine-tuning the requirements of your vacancy profiles, and attracting the best talent at the top / C-Suite, senior and mid-management levels.  We deliver and guarantee our results at all levels, locations, and for businesses at all stages of development.

For each assignment, CAPTIS offers a thorough methodology and recruitment approach, consisting of three steps: first, a comprehensive search process across our vast database and professional networks amongst the targeted population; second, a thorough sourcing operation; and third, quality assessment and selection of candidates. To complete the package, we guarantee on-time delivery, detailed reporting and feedback throughout the recruitment process, and follow-up with our client and the placed candidate throughout the onboarding and integration process.

CAPTIS’ Consultants have been setting new standards in the field of Executive Search for many years now, and have successfully filled countless positions globally. Our approach to consulting is based on streamlined processes, which are continually analyzed in order to ensure that the greatest possible efficiency is maintained at all times, and in line with our clients’ internal practices and expectations.


When hiring CAPTIS for the Executive Search services, you may reasonably feel secure regarding the most comprehensive search operations. Thorough network is only the first base for such approach. A number of methodology steps are set in order to enable CAPTIS’ teams to perform “manual” search through all the key competitors, industry companies,  at the targeted level – but also at the levels +/-1, and an important sourcing operation. The search methodology is adapted whenever our client’s assignment require any kind of personalized approach. CAPTIS operates as a temporary extension of our client’s business operations, confidentially whenever required, and communicates thoroughly with the decision makers and hiring managers, or any other person involved. That is materialized by written Progress Reports including search statistics, market feedback, general comments from our Consultants, and Shortlist Reports with any kind of required information (subject to legal, and ethical values), along with the interview notes and tips. Regularly, or at any additional moment required by the client, conference calls are organized, through a central worldwide conference call system with local numbers in mot of countries; and it is planned to introduce a more developed CLIENT AREA on CAPTIS’ website www.captis.com, allowing an almost “live” preview of the operations.

We at CAPTIS value the importance of the client’s industry knowledge, and a significant investment in terms of time and funds are dedicated to the knowledge development. In the Executive Search business, we are already exposed to the industry information, often confidential – which is never disclosed to any third party. However, it shapes the understanding of the industry movements, projects… which is then useful to gain the overall picture of the industry situation. Being up-to-date regarding the product developments, launches, financial operations, people movements, etc. is the key aspect for any successful search business. In that sense, an important amount of time is spent attending the industries’ trade shows, symposia, or other relevant events across the world. Including national, continental, regional and global events. Also, instead of focusing all our activities towards the communication with the candidates only for the purpose of gathering their views and comments from within the industry, we do take the time to speak to the end-users and any useful third part (physicians of any related specialty, KOL’s, professors, distributors and agents, regulatory bodies and administrations…) so that every aspect and our clients’ constraints are understood as well.

The very basis of a successful practice lies in the importance of its professional network, amongst the other aspects. With our accumulated decades-lasting experience, we materialize particularly developed industries’ professional confidential networks, counting in hundreds of thousands of executives operating on all levels and functions. We are nurturing our network, and maintaining our records updated as much as possible. Our data base is highly qualified, containing all the relevant information as much as possible.

Given the industry knowledge developed in each industry, and the positions’ levels of the most significant proportions of our assignments, CAPTIS developed a global presence and market exposure. We are able to consider assignments in any region, and are aware of market particularities, labor laws, attractiveness and possible difficulties in each territory. Trust that we at CAPTIS will always pre-assess our capacity to deliver, methodology to employ, difficulties, and attached timelines, before launching any search operation, and discuss it with you. Our global exposure enables us to grow and nurture truly international networks of executives as well.

As previously mentioned, we will always pre-assess our capacity to deliver, methodology to employ, difficulties, and attached timelines, before launching any search operation, and discuss it with you. This includes, amongst the other tasks, primary filtering operations to evaluate the population to target, lining up – at our end and most often together with our client, the list of key target companies, and evaluate the volume of sources to get in touch with. Also, we will look up all relevant previous experiences of similar nature, in order to confirm possible difficulties we may expect to encounter, if any. Finally, assigning a team which will operate on each individual assignment is not a random operation. It will, naturally, take into account the capacities to employ, language skills, previous experiences of each member on their functions, time zones involved, etc. Carrying out all this ground work, once we commit to an assignment, our commitment is final, and must have a successful delivery as its result. Additionally, we communicate openly with our clients, and all those involved in the process. You may be certain that you will be informed whatever happens. The trust you place in CAPTIS by assigning us to recruit is of an absolute importance to us. In no case we will allow ourselves to jeopardize your projects, by not communicating the exact, realistic status of the current operations. Once again, with the objective to deliver as promised at the start of the search. Please note that we are proud to bring forward the fact that the percentage of uncompleted projects for whatever reason is less than 1%.

The primary reason for investing such amount of time and resources in order to maintain a high level of developed industry knowledge is to illustrate and materialize great assessment capacity. This includes, level-wise, any level’s evaluation skills and experience. Function-wise, any function which constitutes your business is thoroughly coveredSales volumes, market shares, territories’ particularities, health system reimbursements, sales channels employed, commercial practices, maturity of the markets, competition, clinical affairs, product development and related processes, materials employed, clinical trials and particularities, logistics/supply-chain operations, quality assurance, administration, finance, human resources… None of these fields are strange to us, and we are able to use all the knowledge and experience into evaluating any candidate, and relevantly filter out the large selection. Besides, we are continiouosly developing a vast network of investors of all kinds, various portfolio/investment volumes, in many key territories. Our consultants continuously experience exposures to the boards of directors/non-executive directors, and have executed numerous assignments related to IPO-M&A situations… All these facts place CAPTIS at the top of trusted service providers with a real valid and relevant assessment capacity.

CAPTIS offers outstanding guarantee terms. Once a search is concluded and launched, besides a clear commitment to deliver, we believe in our candidate evaluation capacities, and our judgment regarding the final selection submitted to our client. Another reason for such confidence lies in the fact that we do our very best to understand our client company culture, its environment, short/long term vision and objectives; and on a micro-level, the organization structure, reporting line(s), hiring manager’s personality, meeting whenever possible, the teams reporting to the position. All these aspects have as their aim enabling us to relevantly execute both the objective, and the subjective evaluation the closest to your own capacities – powered by our overall selection and recruitment experience. This enables us to materialize our commitment to deliver and our trust in the quality of the selection and assessment process, by offering thorough guarantees. A successful placement is a long-lasting one, or the one which fulfilled the initial company/project-related aim. That is exactly what we thrive for and commit to.

There’s not much to disclose, besides the fact that at CAPTIS, we operate and communicate with the highest ethical standards. There is no reason good enough for which we will become flexible with this matters, in any aspect of the business.

You are certainly aware of the importance, sometimes probably subjective, of your companies’ reputation and image amongst the industry population and competitors. Particularly on the senior level, you probably already found, or will most surely do, how important it is to nurture your image, communicate the environment’s culture, and the importance of the human assets, amongst the population of executives in your industry. This clearly plays an important role in your company’s attractiveness, and the quality of targeted executives’ responsiveness in any search operations. Also those carried out by CAPTIS, and that information will be a part of our full feedback during the search phases. Yet besides this basic branding practice towards the industry population itself, we take the liberty to raise your attention to the way your company’s image will be conveyed by the search company you employ. We believe that this communication vector requires a highly serious approach. You may trust that any approached executive will receive an image of seriousness and professionalism. Your company culture will be conveyed as well – more commercially aggressive, or more of conservative style, for instance.

Whoever CAPTIS deals with: clients, executives, investors, boards of directors, or any other third party, any disclosed information will be treated as the most confidential, and never disclosed to any other parties. Whenever an assignment to recruit is granted to CAPTIS, any information or data (organization, environment, staff, projects, developments, internal policies, etc.) will remain absolutely confidential. When dealing with candidates, we are naturally exposed to the very private informations, including the current professional situation, but not only. It will be considered strictly confidential as well.

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