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August 12, 2013

Recruiting Under the Dome

By Peter Weddle for

The new CBS series Under the Dome explores what happens to the people of a small town when they’re completely cut off from the rest of the world. It’s a tale of endurance and intrigue, and a happy break from summer reruns on the network channels. For recruiters, however, it’s also a guide to how best to implement post-social recruiting, the next stage in using the Web as a social medium for talent acquisition.

In the TV show, the citizens of Chester’s Mill, Maine suddenly find themselves locked inside a huge impenetrable dome. People can see in and out of the enclosure, but they can’t pass through it. In effect, there’s the rest of the world on the outside and a small, clearly demarked community on the inside. It’s the perfect metaphor for post-social recruiting.

Recruiters use social media sites to find, connect and communicate with talented prospects. This method should be used sparingly. Whether it is a well-known social networking website or not, what you do and whom you do it with is in in the public domain. In effect, you are trying to connect with top prospects “outside the dome.”

Oh sure, you can make your social recruiting group private, but doing so doesn’t prevent the social media site from seeing who’s participating. Why is that a problem? Because these social media networking sites sell job postings to your competitors enabling them to target the very same prospects with whom you’re trying to network and build relationships.

Talent Acquisition Under the Dome

Post-social recruiting involves building online relationships with top talent in the privacy of your own corporate Web-site. Unlike today’s job application pages (whether they’re called a “career center” or simply labeled “employment”), this domed area is a protected space for networking with the kinds of passive prospects you meet on social media sites. Because it’s under your dome, however, your networking strategies and the resulting relationships are hidden from the public including your competitors.
Here’s how talent acquisition under the dome works.

Yes, there’s a cost to developing and maintaining such a post-social campaign, but it’s no more than what you already invest in pages and groups on commercial social media sites. The difference is that your return on that investment is likely to be much greater because it is achieved under the dome where it is protected from the prying eyes and intrusive acts of others.

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